Sunny Sundays,Steelers and Free Wings

Tried our wings yet? Today is your chance come in we will be giving out lots of free wings throughout the day. Those Steelers are playing the Broncos at 8pm so you can watch the game have a few beers and enjoy some free wings. We teamed up with our good Friends at ESPN so you could reap the benefits, so please drop by Hibernia and enjoy our wings for your first time or even if it is your 500th time you are welcome to fill your belly too. We have plenty in stock but they are sure to Fly, so get in early to save disappointment and of course let’s hope the Black and Gold run riot over the Broncos, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Sunny Sundays,Steelers and Free Wings”

  1. Jim Bartlett Says:

    Planning on bringing 6 or 8 crazed steeler fans into town from jersey this sunday. is a table for that many a problem — if so how early should we get there.

    • Hey Jim,
      We would love to have more crazed Steelers fans especially playing the Titans this weekend. We do get busy, you should check us out on facebook and have a look at last years pics of Steeler games. Unfortunately we can’t hold tables so getting here early is a must, we aren’t a particular big bar but the atmosphere is amazing for the games. I would suggest getting here before noon.
      Hope to see you Sunday and thank you for your message.
      Hibernia lads

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