Quest for #7

What about those Steelers, with a 41-9 win over the Browns we secured a first round bye and the #2 seed. Pittsburgh start their arduous search for ring number 7 at home on January 15th, kick off will be at 4:30pm from Heinz Field. Potential opponents for the Steelers will be Indianapolis, Kansas City or Baltimore, whatever team is the highest seed to advance.


5 Responses to “Quest for #7”

  1. benny benack Says:

    will be in NYC 1/15/11 and it appears I’ve found the best STEELER BAR in town. Too bad there’s no chance we’ll be playin’ the JETS.

  2. Carla Claus Says:

    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!!! See yinz Saturday!

  3. We’ll be there! It should be a great game!

  4. Kim Schreffler Says:

    We will be up on 1/15 to have dinner and stay overnight. We were looking for a place to watch the game. You seem to be THE PLACE! See you!

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