Superbowl XLV

All right Steeler  fans the plan for the big day is entry, t-shirt, raffle and one drink for $25! We have a list of our regular patrons who will get first refusal.  To those people on the list you must be here 2 hrs before the game or we will give up your spot.  We expect a large crowd and unfortunately we cannot accommodate all the fans…. The stairway to 7 is going to be a great battle!!! Here we go STEELERS!!


8 Responses to “Superbowl XLV”

  1. Keith Bradley Says:

    I am coming down from RI to be with hard-core Steeler Fans. If I get there by 1 or 2 pm can I get in with 2 other people? I am a friend on Faceboook. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • All tickets are sold out we had turn away over 80 people last week because of safety issues and over crowding, we would love to get everyone in but we have to give preference to the people on the list who have been coming all season long, if anyone gives tickets up we will make them available, We are just sad we can’t accommodate all Steelers fans. so sorry but watch this space just in case

  2. Matt Walsh Says:

    What time would you say non-regular Hibernia patrons/Steelers fans should show up? My friend and I are from out-of-town (Jersey and Boston) but would love to be at Hibernia for the Super Bowl. We are both superstitious and were at your bar for Super Bowl 43 — it is my friend Dan with the dumb grin on his face in the bottom right of the photo you posted — and that worked out pretty well.

    Thank you for giving Steelers supporters a great environment to watch the games, and I hope we can squeeze in for the final game this year.

  3. Hey Matt, at the moment we are sold out but if tickets get returned to us we will make them available to first requests and fans who have been here before, we have been making a regulars list all season long because we’ve had to turn away so many people. We are very sorry but we know we are going to disappoint many people but this seems the fairest way as it got unsafe with numbers a few weeks ago and if we get closed down we all lose out. Hopefully we will get some tickets back but it is unlikely.

  4. "Stairway to Seven" Says:

    Since you are out of tickets and space for the game, any recommendations on other Steelers bars in the area?

  5. Definitely gotta get a bigger restaurant space so you can accomodate more Steeler peeps. Just some food for thought. Otherwise, it’s a rockin’ bar. =)

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