Eurovision Song Contest-Dusseldorf 2011

Saturday May 14th @ 3pm we will be streaming the Eurovision Song Contest live. It’s the inspiration for Pop Idol and all shows like it. Ever heard of ABBA? yep they started off with the ESC. We hope to have an amazing party, we have official ESC t-shirts, baseball caps, badges and much more to give away for prizes, we will have our now famous balloon drop, we will have a prize for the best scorecard and also the random flag picking pool. Here at Hibernia we are proud to be one of the very few to celebrate the ESC in NYC. It’s glam, it’s eurotrash and we love it, come join the party.


35 Responses to “Eurovision Song Contest-Dusseldorf 2011”

  1. We’ll be there. Where do you get the feed from?

  2. Tim Engle Says:

    What are the chances you will be showing either of the semi-finals for Eurovision 2011? The first is on Tuesday, May 10th and the second Semi-final will be on Thursday, May 12th? Tons of people have been asking me where in NYC can you see the contest! I will bring them all along!

    • Hey Tim,
      Thank you so much for your interest, we have never shown the semi finals before, I know they are relatively newish and have never been asked for before but if there is a calling for it I would be prepared to look into it and maybe get it aired.
      Aidan Fogarty

      • Tim Engle Says:

        Hey Thanks Aidan,

        With 43 countries competing in Eurovision, and only 25 “slots” available in the Eurovision finals on Saturday….18 countries will have to be eliminated over the two semi-finals…(Could Hibernia’s own Ireland be one of them?) . Part of the fun of Eurovision is seeing what EVERYONE will be throwing into competition..the great, the good, the bad and the truly awful.


      • I would definitely come to Thursday’s Semi’s if you show it in the evening after work. I think the ESC website will have archived it so that could be a possibility? Unfortunately I’m out of town Tuesday. Thursday’s Semi is much stronger anyway 🙂

  3. Ok Lads you have convinced me, we will show both semi’s, but unfortunately we won’t be able to repeat the show on Thursday evening as we have an other event going that night

  4. No worries Aidan but sadly I will be in work that day so won’t be able to join you in the day time for the Thursday Semi either but enjoy and best of luck to Jedward 🙂

  5. Tim Engle Says:


    I just passed the word of the semis being shown (and Saturday’s Big Event) to my Eurovision Yahoo Group… I wanted ant to let the fans know of your generosity!


  6. John Dunne Says:

    I`m Irish born living in Liverpool, UK. Just wanted to wish you guys a really good night on 14th may. I`m going to the contest in Dusseldorf, Germany. I`ll be waving 2 flags, one for IRELAND and one for the UK. Have a great night.

  7. We are Brits arriving in NYC on 14th but are gutted to be arriving too late to see ESC. Any chance you’ll be repeating it on the Sunday say? – perfect jetlag cure – beer and cheesy Euro pop!

  8. Jeremy Says:

    Hi Aidan,
    Thanks a lot for the initiative, I hope to be there! 🙂

  9. Apostolos Says:

    HUGE fan of the contest. Never found a place in NYC that streams it. Definitely gunna get myself there on Saturday and introduce some friends to the glam eurotrash that we’ve loved for years!

  10. Hey guys, I would love it to see the ESC, it’s so awful, but a lot of fun. I guess it starts at 8 p.m. live from Germany. On which time do you start the stream? I think it’s around 2 p.m.? See you Saturday!

  11. Hi! JUst stumbled on the site – have a wicked night. I’m from UK n livin in a village in Derbyshire (it’s in the middle!!) – have organised a big party in the local pub for the first time, so hoping it goes as well as yours does – have a FAB Eurotastic time 🙂

  12. Hey there

    Which feed are you taking? the ESC or BBC feed? The sarcasum from the BBC would be cool if you are. 😉

  13. Evangeline Says:

    I can’t wait to come marvel at the wonder that is Eurovision! I’m coming with some friends and I can’t wait to watch. I know we should come early to grab a table since it seems like loads of people are coming, but how early should we show up? 2pm? 1pm? 10am? Thanks!

    • I can just give you advice in relation to the last couple of years, we don’t open till 12 and we don’t get busy till 1:30-2pm. Hope this helps and see you for the big show.

  14. Any chance of the sing-a-long lyrics subtitles? 🙂

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