Bring the pain on the road!

Steelers go on the road to play against the Raiders this sun at 4pm, get in early to get a seat at the bar or your favorite table.  The Raiders have a history of giving the Steelers a tough game, although not a division matchup it still has all the makings of a long time rivalry!  With Polamalu and Harrison still out on Sunday they need some fan support so grab your terrible towel and get over to HIBERNIA. Lets root the Black and Gold on to a victory going into their bye week.. LETS GO!!!!


There is still room for the HSOP 7 Texas Hold ‘em tourney that will be held on Wednesday, September 26th @ 7pm, 100pts buy in, 100% pay out and as usual contact Aidan Fogarty or Ed “Boom Boom” Mancini, for further details. Always a good time and a great way to win some “points” and show your skills or just have a drink and hang with your pals….


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