October in Hibernia NYC

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Steelers, Pumpkin carving, Poker, Halloween, it’s all happening in October. It’s that time of year again folks, you get to dress up in your opposite genders clothes, plaster makeup all over your face, get drunk and make a complete TiT of yourself or as some of us call it, Saturday night. Come out and play with us, it’s always an amazing party, prizes will be given out for best dressed and as always we will have ghostly some even call them horrific prizes in our balloon drop, remember we will be hosting our party on Saturday the 27th of October so you can have your deadly hangover without the worry of work the next day………we are good like that.

October see’s the Steelers take on the Eagles, Titans, Bengals and Redskins and everyone knows if you are not in Heinz field or the ‘Burgh that the best place to watch and soak up the atmosphere is Hibernia Bar NYC (as endorsed by the Pittsburgh mayor Luke Robert Ravenstahl, after he watched the Steelers here for Thursday night football last year).

HSOP Texas Hold ’em 8 is scheduled for Wednesday October 24th, we have been having great turnouts for our poker tourney’s and will continue to host while we all are enjoying ourselves, well done to everyone who placed in the last tourney, paying out to the top 5 finishers.

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