Hibernia’s Annual Mets Trip

imagesHey Hiberniaites our Mets trip is right around the corner, August 25th, we will be meeting at the bar from 10:30am for some breakfast, coaches leave no later than 11:45am so please make it to Hibernia on time, there will be beers on the bus to get us into the mood, everyone will receive a gift card on your ticket to spend at any concession stand in the stadium, Pat la frieda, Shake Shack, beer/booze, it’s your choice on leaving we will be picked up by the coaches and returned to Hibernia where food will await. Look forward to seeing everyone and hopefully we get some great weather and an awesome game, if not we will get well oiled and make our on fun.

Don’t forget we are in preseason football now so as per every year we will be running our Elimination Football pool, get your 20pts into Aidan, rules are simple pick one team each week, if they do not lose you are safe (a draw is a push you are not dead) and you may not reuse a team, simples.


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