Superbowl XLVIII – the Cold Bowl

super bowl 3We are only a few weeks out from the 48th SuperBowl and eight teams are left battling to get on the road to the Met Life Stadium on February 2nd 2014. No local teams nor our beloved Steelers will have an opportunity to lift the Lombardi Trophy this year but as the true sports fans we all are at Hibernia, we will be still hosting an amazing Cold Bowl viewing party. We still have our football pools, and will be doing more on the day of SuperBowl XLVIII, so good luck to everyone who partakes, just remember, if you are not in, you can………………..GFY! We know from past experience our wings will absolutely fly out the door and for all you dudes hosting your own home SuperBowl parties you will not be able to place an order for 200 wings on Feb 2nd 10 minutes before kickoff, so as not to disappoint your guests and rob them of the chance to gorge down on Hibernias awesome chicken wings, put the order in days beforehand, we do expect a big turnout for the game so we may be unable to take orders past 1pm on gameday. Enjoy the Game and just an FYI the Winslow will be also hosting a SuperBowl viewing party and has started taking reservations.

Thank you all for your continued support at Hibernia and the Winslow, we would like to wish you all and your families a very Happy New Year.


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