perfectly poured pint of guinness

Hell’s Kitchen Irish Bar Has the Perfect Pour

It’s an iconic experience to drink Guinness at a bar in NYC. If you want to go out and have a great time and get the perfect pour of Guinness, visit Hibernia Bar, an Irish sports bar located in Hell’s Kitchen. Hibernia is known for having the perfect pour of the perfect Irish brew. 

Believe it or not, the perfect Guinness pour really is an actual “thing”, and there really is a true history and science to it!

History of the Perfect Guinness Pour

For the first two hundred years of its history, Guinness was poured from two different kegs in order to produce the perfect glass of beer with the perfect frothy head. This is the actual origin of the Guinness two-part pour. In the 1950s, Micheal Ash, a brewer and mathematician was hired by Guinness to create the perfect keg. He created a new style of keg with a nitro stout faucet. This faucet is responsible for creating a cascading effect which, along with the settling out process, is part of the unique visual aura of a pint of Guinness.

Science of the Perfect Guinness Pour

Because Guinness uses nitrogen to create the creamy head, it must be poured in two parts. If the beer were poured all at once, the head would become too big thus ruining its texture, becoming disproportionate and even overflowing. According to Guinness master brewers, the head on your pint should be around 18 to 20 millimeters (just short of ¾ inch).

Experience Guinness at an NYC Bar

A Hell’s Kitchen Irish bar like the Hibernia sports bar is the most authentic place to experience the floral notes reminiscent of fresh grass and gardens and the deep, dark red colors from roasted malted barley, topped with a tall creamy head that is a pint of Guinness.

Step 1

Use the correct glass. The right glass to use will be branded with the official Guinness harp logo and will be a 20oz. imperial pint, not the American 16oz pint.

Step 2

You must hold the glass at a 45-degree angle, and aim the spout directly at the harp logo.

Step 3

To begin pouring, pull the spout towards you. Slowly fill the glass to ¾  full, which will be at the top of the harp logo.

cutout from the guinness storehouse on how to pour the perfect guinness

Step 4

Allow the beer to cascade, this is an essential element of the correct way to pour the perfect Guinness pint. According to the experts at Guinness, this step officially takes 1 minute, 32 and a half seconds.

Step 5

Push the handle away from you to limit the power of the flow of the beer. During the second pour make sure that the glass is set straight under the spout.

Step 6

Enjoy a quintessential NYC moment with a perfectly poured Guinness at an authentic neighborhood Hell’s Kitchen Irish Bar.

Swing By Hibernia and Get Your 20oz. Properly Poured Guinness

The most important thing is really the experience. Whether you are enjoying a pint with friends or you are out exploring on your own, you want to create memories from an immersion of all of the senses in an authentic environment. You won’t find an experience that is anymore in line with the spirit of NYC than having a perfectly poured 20 oz imperial pint of Guinness at a real Hell’s Kitchen Irish bar like Hibernia Bar in NYC.